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Churchdown School had been going through a prolonged period of poor service from the school’s broadband provider. To be honest, they were mediocre, bordering on incompetent. Following this, I explored the possibility of changing providers to find a more cost-effective solution, without compromising the school’s need for a high performance, reliable and secure Internet service. Our previous provider had become comfortable with our relationship, that they took our needs for granted and perhaps were assuming we would automatically renew the deal.

It was easy to see that our previous contract was not providing us with good value for money. We were paying an excessive amount for what had been a poor service. They didn’t return calls very promptly and were distant and unhelpful when they did.

Three Internet Service Providers were invited to a meeting for many schools held in Gloucestershire, where they were given the opportunity to show us the packages that they offer. Mark Cowgill, the Managing Director of EXA Networks, gave us a fantastic presentation. Everybody agreed what we were hearing must be too good to be true. He was charming, knowledgeable and confident. Mark stated his company’s history, the details of the offer and, most importantly, how important, we, his new customers would be – to his company and to him personally.  He promised first-class service and we all believed him. Mark blew away his competitors and everything he promised has come true. The best technology at extremely competitive prices and technical support that is personal, reliable and unrivalled in my 12-year experience in this industry.

As we were so unhappy with our previous providers, we decided to opt for EXA’s 100MB Fiber 1:1 connection. This has turned out to be one of the best decisions that our IT team has made.

The changeover was seamless, and no down time was experienced. The performance and speed is superb. The features, such as SurfProtect for internal filtering has enabled us to tailor the connection to meet the individual needs of the teachers and pupils, which has resulted in a more efficient service for the end users.

By far and away, the most positive experience we have experienced with EXA Networks is the standard of technical support. Phone calls or emails are answered promptly and always with a satisfactory conclusion. They have not let me down – not once. When a date is agreed, the problem has always been solved efficiently, promptly and on time.

It would be unfair of me not to also endorse Andy Frost of Focus Networks (a partner of EXA). Without his tireless work and vast knowledge, the changeover to the new provider would have been far more stressful. He has helped us with many things on our domain, not just relating to broadband.

Andy and Mark are ‘good guys.’ You feel they are friends who will not let you down. You know, instinctively, that you are a special customer and that your business, which you sense is spectacularly important to them, is more than a deal, that you really matter to the company and to Andy and Mark personally. Then you talk to other customers and you discover that their experiences mirror your own, exactly, every time. Honesty, competitive prices, no broken promises and, of course, unrivalled technical support.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending EXA Networks to anyone looking for a superior broadband product.

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