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Learnpad Gold Partner and Classconnect

LearnPad is an award winning classroom tablet solution uniquely designed for education that has revolutionised the way we teach and learn.

Going for Gold!

Focus Networks are a gold partner for LearnPad who now provide over 120,000 LearnPads in over 11,000 schools reaching more than 3 million children.

We have adopted the use of LearnPads in education and embedded them into the core of the school strategy for teaching and learning. This revolution has taken place over the last few years to such an extent that Focus Networks have created a company dedicated to delivering successful implementations from start to finish with ongoing support and training. 

The Advantages of LearnPad

  • A simple, effective and innovative solution for the classroom developed solely for schools
  • Gives teachers simple control of classroom technology with less time managing and more time teaching
  • Tailored curriculum-focused training with expert educational support
  • learnPad is unique in that it allows students to identify themselves on a shared device but still be identifiable to the teacher
  • Enables independent learning without distraction
  • Teachers can hand out files or documents via the LearnPad, selectively deploying them directly to students, either as a group or individually.
  • Learnpads can be centrally managed using classconnect making them perfectly adapted to education environments
  • NEW: The new learnpad range is wireless charging ready!

Choosing the best LearnPad product that is right for you:

  1. LearnPad Octavo 

    7.85” tablet featuring quad core processor, dual band Wi-Fi and a 5MP camera. Excellent for ebooks and research, ideal as a 1:1 device and a great self-led learning tool. It is portable and lightweight

  2. LearnPad Quarto 

    Larger 9.7” IPS display for primary school children allowing individual study or great for shared tasks. Excellent for external fieldwork.

  3. LearnPad Folio 2 

    21.5” HD touchscreen provides enough space for collaborative student learning and functions as a desktop digital resource. A great presentation tool for classwork with multi-locational usage and is compatible with other hardware. Can be used with a keyboard.

  4. LearnPad Decimo 

    6” hand held device, provides teacher based classroom control and functions as a low-cost camera and video recording tool. Optional wireless charging available.

  5. Murus 

    Award winning technology at the front of the class with a 65” screen, 1080HD resolution and multi-touch display. It has built in curriculum lesson profiles for group interactive learning and is a multi-functional presentation device.

Save money with a trusted 'local' supplier

Focus Networks has a long and successful history of working with schools across the UK, We have a team of experts on hand to understand and meet your schools needs and, as a gold partner we are able to offer extremely competitive prices .

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