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ICT Training for Schools

Computing 2015

      • How do your staff feel?
      • Confused, anxious, pressured?

At Focus Education we can turn those negative feelings into positive ones. We can turn staff into creative, competent and relaxed users of technology. Where staff and pupil skills can be developed alongside each other and work hand in hand to enhance teaching and learning. Technology and Computing are key elements of the future … a future our children will lead, deliver, create, shape and be part of.

It is not enough to hope they survive – it is our job to provide them with the skills and knowledge they will need today.

Focus have embraced this challenge and will help schools at all levels. From working at a strategic level to guide your school in deriving policy, to training and mentoring staff. Building their confidence with the technology and helping them deliver the new Computing curriculum creatively and effectively across the whole curriculum.

Now is the time to build staff confidence and skills in order to embrace the new Computing curriculum; to take advantage of the opportunities it offers across all subjects; and to further develop it in the future.

Continuing Professional Development and Training

We want to see your school grow and develop in all areas of Computing. We will continue to work in partnership with you to fulfil your aims and so enhance and improve teaching and learning.

What results can you expect?

    • closing the gap for vulnerable groups
    • raising standards in reading, writing and numeracy
    • pupil and staff knowledge improvement
    • all pupils fully engaged in teaching and learning

We will work collaboratively with staff in the classroom as well as leading INSET / twilight and training sessions. We will model best practice and develop staff confidence at all levels.


School governors must be made aware of the revolution which is happening within Computing and how investing in it is the way forward. We have experienced governors who can guide and mentor your governing body as they progress in their understanding.

What equipment will you need?

Focus Education will meet with you to discuss your individual school's requirements in order for you to deliver the new Computing curriculum as successfully; as easily; and as smoothly as possible.

In partnership with schools we promise to move your school into the future, through successful delivery of the Computing curriculum embedded within your Creative curriculum. Many schools in are now using iPad or Android tablet technology. Whilst the iPad is a powerful tool it is more expensive. We can guide you and advise on the best options for your school within its budget and aligned to your future plans.

The majority of “apps” which best enhance teaching and learning are in fact free and we will not only show you how to find these but how to use them to their full extent. 

High cost items – which need to be provided in class sized sets - such as Beebot, NXT Lego, Raspberry Pi, Arduino (to name just a few) can all be rented to your school at a much reduced cost making them a viable, value for money option, for the first time. Let us come and discuss your school's individual options and find a best fit package for you.

What about iPadsand Learnpads?

Many schools are thinking about whether to invest in Learnpad or iPad tablet technology for the classroom, for staff, or for both. Some have taken the plunge but are now unsure how to proceed. Some want to make the move but wonder if other tablets might offer other options.

We are here to help your school with all of this. We have worked in schools with both Learnpads, iPads and other tablets. We can show you what works and what does not. Our knowledge of how to connect the iPads into your existing school resources is unparalleled – we can make sure you continue to get good value out of your existing investment whilst making the most of any new spending. We have been trained not only in Apple products (all of them not just iPads) but also in a wide range of other manufacturers' products and we can pass that knowledge on to you. Saving time, effort and worry on your behalf.

Our commitment to you includes keeping fully up to date with all new and emerging technologies which might be of use to schools. We will remove all of the “techno-speak” and tell you in plain, simple, terms what will work with the teaching and learning in your school and what will not.

Who are Focus Education?

We are a group of teachers and educators. With a passion for enhancing teaching and learning through the use of modern technologies. Our staff have more than thirty years combined education experience and over twenty years commercial computing experience. We include such people as: SEN specialist; CEOPS ambassador; Academy Executive Board member; Computing specialist teacher; Literacy coordinator; Maths coordinator; IT coordinator; Network Manager; Apple specialist.

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